About Us

Countless Possibilities

Storage Niagara was founded in 1994 primarily to provide temporary warehouse solutions for commercial / industrial clients. We began with two 8 x 20 ft. sea containers and have grown to over 400 sea containers today.

Commercial / Industrial On-Site Storage

Our commercial / industrial customers immediately recognized how convenient and useful our sea containers would be. Contractors began using our sea containers as construction site job boxes, stores started to use them as extra warehouse space, and we started to get calls from restaurants, sports teams, farms, churches, and schools who were coming up with all sorts of uses. We even have greenhouses, garden centres, and various seasonal businesses using them as a storage facility or even as a temporary store front. The possibilities are endless.

Residential On-Site Storage

Before long residential customers began calling us too. Many wanted to store furniture while they renovated, or while they settled a parent’s estate. Some were using them to de-clutter while they sold their house. And some were using them as a garage or to store a boat or a collector car over the winter. But whatever our customers store in our sea containers, the fact is, you just can’t beat the ease and convenience of having your storage facility brought right to your house! And at only $115.00 per month, you just can’t beat our prices!

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